Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why do white women die their hair blond?

The direction I'm aiming at is more racial and social. I have a co-worker whose hair looks simply terrible from over-bleaching/dying. Her natural color is a brown tone. I tell her it's lovely as is, but she insists on dying it an awful "blond". As a black person, I often wonder why most white women (and those who are of Hispanic, East Indian, Arab descent) are hellbent on having blond hair. Does it have to do with "looking" the whitest of the white: blond hair/blue eyes, Aryan perfect?

What do you think?

Why do white women die their hair blond?

Because in our world, blonde is considered the ideal beauty.

That's simply due to history: most RECENT world powers in the past few hundred years have been of European extraction, so it's natural that humans want to be associated with those on top.

If history were to turn out differently, and Japan, for example, would have conquered most of the world (instead of Britain %26amp; U.S.), we would probably see northern European women dying their hair jet black and straightening it out a lot more often.

Why do white women die their hair blond?

Rare is beautiful, and blonde tends to be rare.

Pale used to be rare, becuase most people worked outdoors and got burnt.

Now that people work indoors, tan is a sign of vacations- or was, until technological tanning.


Rare is always associated with status, and then people copy it.

That's all.

Why do white women die their hair blond?

I know what you mean. They look completely washed out. They become so "blonde" that they almost fade away.

Why do white women die their hair blond?

I don't wanna become a dumb blonde, lol im staying brunette:) i'm not sure why they dye it, maybe to hide the grey bits?

Why do white women die their hair blond?

We as women are constantly bombarded with society's idea of "beauty". We grew up with blond Barbies, dolls, Smurfette, Baywatch...etc. The blond women on television were always the most desirable, pure even. I was a Blond child but by the age of ten, my hair began to darken and turn "dirty dishwater" blond. So my Mother started spraying Sun In on my hair to lighten it. It became a never ending cycle to lighten my roots.

After having my children(who are half Mexican) I realized that I had been told by my Mother that darker hair was unattractive. She never actually came out and said it, but actions speak louder than words.

My oldest was born Blond with pale skin but his hair grew darker by age 10 also. My youngest two were born with dark brown hair and a very tan complexion. I constantly go out of my way to tell my daughter that her hair and skin color are perfect, and beautiful. I always say, " Do you know how many white girls WISH they had your skin color? They bake themselves at tanning salons just to look like you do naturally. You are so lucky."

I don't dye my hair any more...I have accepted who I am.

Why do white women die their hair blond?

I agree with starryeye, rarity is the thing. However, I would like to know why some black people dye their hair blonde? I find that exceptionally bizarre. People should all stick to a colour that is at least realistic with their own colouring. Yes, too many white women do dye their hair (badly) blonde. Look at the use of coloured contact lenses which also got a little out of hand.

Why do white women die their hair blond?

when my wife and I meet she was a pure blond.After we married and she got pregnant her hair turned dirty blond/light brown.This is normal during pregnancy,and the Native American blood line.

She started to color her hair blond after our child was born because more people knew her as a blond.

Why do white women die their hair blond?

Women dye their hair blond to get more attention or just to experiment what they look like if they are brunette themselves.

Why do white women die their hair blond?

Because some high priced copy writer in an Advertising Agency on Madison Avenue decided that" BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN" !

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